Table textile sewing

  • Table textile sewing

    Can not find a tablecloth of suitable dimensions for your table? Write here

    We will advise you, to choose the fabric and color and sew the most suitable tablecloth, napkins or table runners for you.

    We can make the color of the textile and match it to your interior. Read more about the production here


    For catering establishments: restaurants, cafes or homesteads, we will match the most suitable textile solution according to the need.

    For fabric selection, call +370 690 70842.


    The textile elements of the table must blend in with the interior of your restaurant, cafe or farmhouse and create a seamless whole that would be invisible but felt.

    For the celebration, the tablecloth and napkins are the main accent, which creates the style and luxury of the celebration and makes every guest feel important and welcome.

    For festive dinners, Christmas or Easter, weddings or christenings, in a restaurant or cafe - we will create a tablecloth as needed. 

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