The stain-resistant placemat is red WAVED

  • The stain-resistant placemat is red WAVED

    Fabric composition
    100% acrylic
    30 x 40 cm
    The color may slightly differ from the one shown in the photo, it depends on the brightness settings of your computer or phone screen.
  • The coasters are always great and clean. Fabrics of this type are impregnated, the product has a special water, grease, dirt-repellent coating, the liquid is not absorbed into the fabric. If coffee or wine is spilled, you can easily wipe it off with a paper towel.

    Coasters can be used indoors and in an outdoor café.

    The trays can only be washed safely in a washing machine at a maximum temperature of 40 °. Since the fabric dries quickly, it is best to dry naturally. Can only be compared from minus to lowest temperature.  

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