Table runner blue, Airlaid textile

  • Table runner blue, Airlaid textile

    Code AAR008000 

  • It is a material of the highest quality, advanced technologies allow to create embossed surfaces that are close to fabric. The table track is soft, pleasant to the touch, fits nicely to the table surface, the track having the same color on both sides will add coziness and warmth to your dinner table.

    Airlaid textile is a substitute for modern natural materials, environmentally friendly, produced from renewable sources, and certified.

    The track can be as long as you need, as it is easily torn every 120 cm through special marks (20 pcs. tracks). One track can be built across the entire length of the table, two across the width of the table. If more than two people can sit at one side of the table, then more tracks can be built so that it is under each plate.  

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